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Suggested First Responders Protocol

  • Determine whether children are present at scene

  • If so, the first responder will use the FOCUS App to submit the following for each child:

    • Child's name

    • DOB

    • School

  • A process has been established at each agency to ensure the FOCUS Notification is promptly submitted to school district and school of attendance.

Law Enforcement Officers should consider the following:

  • If possible, avoid subduing / arresting / interviewing subjects in the presence of children.

  • Conduct health & safety checks on children

    • Present during incident?

    • Relationship to parties

    • Visual Observation:  Physically harmed?

  • Separate children from care giving parent/guardian

  • Speak with the children about the incident

  • If applicable, mandated reporting to CPS

Note:  If you are wondering if the event had a traumatic effect on the child, always use the FOCUS App to submit a Notification. 

Reference:  Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents Training Video

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